Wednesday, March 28, 2007
Jesus Christ/Joseph Smith Controversy
Well, it was inevitable. The nationwide distribution of the Jesus Christ/Joseph Smith DVD has brought its share of controversy.

Today, LDS-owned Deseret Morning News published "Utahns receiving anti-Mormon DVDs." The Salt Lake Tribune also included an article in today's paper: "LDS a cult? 350,000 DVDs try to shake Mormons' faith."

Additionally, KUTV in Salt Lake City reported on the outreach yesterday: "Anti-Mormon Group Uses DVDs to Sway Members." Their news report can be seen on video.

Let us continue to pray that Jesus Christ and His gospel will be known through this video.


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At 12:52 PM, Blogger Marshall and Mary Catherine said...


I am a student at Boyce College at the seminary, and I found your blog while looking around for stuff about the Soulforce protesters at SBTS.

However, I find the rest of your content to be greatly interesting and encouraging. My husband and I have recently been visited by some Mormon missionaries, and are in the process of learning more about the cult as we seek to establish a relationship with these guys as they visit our home in the next few weeks.

I will definitely be showing your blog and the additional resources found on here to my husband, and I just wanted to let you know that you now have a reader :-D We have yet to start using our blogger, but you can certainly respond to our gmail account if you so choose:

Thanks and God Bless,
Mary Catherine Anderson

At 2:57 PM, Anonymous Paul Carden said...

Balanced and timely as always, John!

It's why Reformed Baptist Thinker is at the top of by blog list.

At 3:36 PM, Anonymous True Believer said...

What a joke. Decades and decades of anti-mormon preachers and they still can't get it. A century and more and people still think they can stop the work of God from covering the whole earth? Wrong. Lost cause guys, sorry, maybe you should try to play the lottery instead, you'd have better odds.

Instead of trying to make a DVD and "save" someone, how about reading up on the scriptures and getting over the THOUSANDS of errors
so-called "mainstream" Christianity.

Mormons have tough skin, and a DVD saying the same old things isn't going to sway someone who is TRULY converted.

All the anti-media put out by sweaty preachers who want my money does says a lot more about YOU than it does Mormons. Ever think of that?

At 9:48 PM, Blogger Arthur Sido said...

Lost cause?

Not hardly. As John and I are proof, God still saves sinners including those lost in the errors of mormonism. Invoking the bogeyman of "anti-mormons" is hardly going to dissuade Christians from witnessing to mormons. I would ask you to search the Scriptures for yourself and compare the Jesus Christ of the Bible to the Jesus of mormonism. You don't need a prophet to tell you what to think, all you need is the Word of God.

At 9:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"You don't need a prophet to tell you what to think?"


How can you say this and still believe in the bible? I am sure many people made the same comment to Noah and look where it got them!

At 10:13 PM, Blogger Arthur Sido said...

Perhaps you are mistaking a Biblical prophet with the false modern prophets of mormonism. Given the general lack of prophetic material to come out of the recent prophets, it hardly seems reasonable to compare Gordon B. Hinckley with Noah.

At 10:32 AM, Blogger Keith Walker said...

True believer,

Tough skinned Mormons? Funny you should say that. I've been telling modern Mormons that their persecuted Mormon predecessors would be ashamed of them for crying "persecution" for hanging a DVD on their door.

And no, Mormons are not a lost cause. They are the reason why we distributed so many of them.

At 3:09 PM, Anonymous true believer said...

Why is it easier to listen to dead prophets over living ones?

"Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secretes to his servants, the prophets."

Amos 3:7

God has always used prophets to lead his church. It is the same today.

Show me which other church believes in modern revelation? With...has 12 apostles, a prophet, seventies, (the same structure of the church Christ established)...including..Priesthood power given by the "Laying on of hands"..."as was aaron" me a church today that also practices, baptism "by immersion,"...has temples...has the gift of tongues (Most Mormons speak more than two languages fluently...missionaries) and the complete gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth?

You will find no church that has all of these things (as the Bible explains).

Only the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day is the only true church on the face of the earth with the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, in one, in its fulness.

At 5:53 PM, Blogger Arthur Sido said...

Anonymous True Believer,

I would like to take the time, with John’s permission of course, to answer you point by point. This is going to be lengthy but I pray that with the influence of the Holy Spirit, God can show you what He showed me, that I was not following Him in mormonism, but was as lost as the most vehement unbeliever. It was God who changed my heart of stone to a heart of flesh, and showed me my lostness and also showed me His Son, in His Word, and what it meant to be known by Him.

To begin with, much of your argument is based on what mormons believe. The problem with that is that people believing in something doesn’t make it true. Muslims believe in the Koran and Allah, that doesn’t make it true. Hindu’s believe in a multitude of gods, sort of like mormons, but that doesn’t make it true. The mark of truth is not popularity, or growth statistics or the fervor of the followers. Truth is measured by fidelity to the truth of God’s Word. That is where mormonism falls down, because rather than embrace the truth of the God of the Bible, mormonism seeks to replace Him with a god of Joseph Smith’s imagination.

>>Why is it easier to listen to dead prophets over living ones?<<

That would presume that any of the “prophets” of the mormon church were actual prophets. Name me one prophetic utterance from any recent prophet. Joseph Smith has been shown to be a false prophet and translator based on his misrepresentation of the funerary documents that make up the “book of Abraham”.

>>God has always used prophets to lead his church. It is the same today.<<

Actually I would say that God used prophets in the Old Testament to prophesy of the coming of Christ, but that His church is led by Christ and Christ alone. He is our High Priest, and we need and require none other. Christ is the head, not the LDS president, not the pope. For four hundred years between the Old and New Testament, there was no prophet on earth so it hardly is true that God has “always” led His church using prophets.

>>Show me which other church believes in modern revelation?<<

Lots of cult groups believe in modern revelation. David Koresh believed in modern revelation. Muslims believe in a more modern revelation. It is a mark of a false church that some try to add to the Word of God.

>>With...has 12 apostles, a prophet, seventies, (the same structure of the church Christ established)...including..Priesthood power given by the "Laying on of hands"..."as was aaron"<<

Again, there is nothing about the mormon “apostles” or “prophets” that bears similarity to the original apostles. I formerly held the mormon “Melchizedek” priesthood and can assure you that there is no power of God in that office, not at the local ward level all the way up to the prophet.

>>show me a church today that also practices, baptism "by immersion,"<<

Umm, well mine. John’s. Every Baptist church. Many other non-liturgical Protestant churches…that isn’t much of an argument.

>>has temples...<<


Act 7:48-50 48 Yet the Most High does not dwell in houses made by hands, as the prophet says, 49 "'Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool. What kind of house will you build for me, says the Lord, or what is the place of my rest? 50 Did not my hand make all these things?'

God does not require a temple. Why was there a temple in the Old Testament? As a place for sacrifices to be made. Why do we no longer need a temple? Because the ultimate, complete sacrifice of the Son of God has been accomplished. The only reason for a temple today is if we suggest that the atonement of Christ was not adequate and we are in need of further sacrifice.

>>has the gift of tongues (Most Mormons speak more than two languages fluently...missionaries)<<

The Biblical gift of tongues described in the book of Acts is not the same as what you describe. The disciples in the book of Acts spontaneously spoke in other tongues, tongues that they were not trained in or fluent in. Sending young missionaries to the MTC to teach them a foreign language is hardly a miraculous event. Lots of people are bi-lingual or better, heck most high schools teach a foreign language. That is bordering on a silly argument.

>>and the complete gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth? … You will find no church that has all of these things (as the Bible explains).<<

Any church that holds to the totality of the Bible has the complete Gospel of Jesus Christ, the very same Gospel that followers in Christ have always believed. The distinctive mormon doctrines bear no more similarity to Biblical Christianity than Islam does. The names are similar but the meaning is completely different.

Mormonism seeks to return the Christian world to the pre-Christian days of temple worship, of prophets. Christ came to fulfill the law, when He cried out that it is finished, when the veil in the temple was rent in twain, Christ showed His people that He had done what they never could do, atone for their sins. Everything in the Old Testament was but a type and shadow of the Christ to come.

I would love to discuss this further with you. If mormonism is the truth, you have nothing to fear. Whether on John’s blog or mine, or via email if you would prefer to converse privately I hope you will “search, ponder and pray” and see if these things are true.

At 4:09 PM, Anonymous true believer said...


Consider the words of President Kimball:

"If I can only make clear this one thing, it will give us a basis on which to build. Man cannot discover
God or his ways by mere mental processes. One must be governed by the laws which control the realm
into which he is delving. To become a plumber, one must study the laws which govern plumbing. He must know stresses and strains; temperatures at which pipes will freeze; laws which govern steam, hot water, expansion, contraction, and so forth. One might know much about plumbing and be a complete
failure in training children or getting along with men.

"One might be the best of bookkeepers and yet not know anything of electricity. One might know much about buying and selling groceries and be absolutely ignorant of bridge building.

"One might be a great authority on the hydrogen bomb and yet know nothing of banking. One might be a
noted theologian and yet be wholly untrained in watchmaking. One might be the author of the law of
relativity and yet know nothing of the Creator who originated every law. I repeat, these are not just
opinions. They are absolute truths. These truths are available to every soul.

"Any intelligent man may learn what he wants to learn. He may acquire knowledge in any field, though it requires much thought and effort. It takes more than a decade to get a high school diploma; it takes an
additional four years for most people to get a college degree; it takes nearly a quarter-century to become a great physician. Why, then, do people think they can fathom the most complex spiritual depths without the necessary experimental and laboratory work accompanied by compliance with the laws that govern it?

"It is absurd, but you will frequently find popular personalities, who seem never to have lived a single law of God, discoursing in interviews on religion. How ridiculous for such persons to attempt to outline
for the world a way of life!

"And yet many a financier, politician, college professor, or owner of a gambling club thinks that because he has risen above all his fellowmen in his particular field he knows everything in every field. One cannot know God nor understand his works or plans unless he follows the laws which govern God and his works and his plans. The spiritual realm, which is just as absolute as is the physical, cannot be understood by the laws of the physical.

"You do not learn to make electric generators in a seminary. Neither do you learn certain truths about spiritual things in a physics laboratory. You must go to the
spiritual laboratory, use the facilities available there, and comply with the governing rules. Then you may know of these truths just as surely, or more surely, than the scientist knows the metals, or the acids, or other elements. It matters little whether one is a plumber, or a banker, or a farmer, for these occupations are secondary; what is most important is what one knows and believes concerning his past and his future and what he does about it..."

To read the rest, you can find the text on the church website at, search for "Absolute Truth" by President Kimball. I'm sure you will find it helpful.

And about the holy Priesthood, I can assure you, there is power there.

God bless.

At 6:35 PM, Blogger Arthur Sido said...

Well, it wasn’t as easy to find as I figured, but I did drag out the September 1978 Ensign online and read over Spencer Kimball’s article. I did read it and unfortunately didn’t find it helpful at all. It is well written, full of flowery language and pat mormon claims. Along with being full of audacious statements (i.e. “This much-needed restoration came through the Prophet Joseph Smith, who followed in the march of the prophets Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, and Moses, and the Lord Jesus Christ.”) and theological errors (i.e. Kimball’s utter misrepresentation of the role and life of Abraham), it is relatively the same stuff that makes up Ensign magazine articles and General Conference talks year after year after year. It is pretty much a mormonized history lesson. The focus, as is true of most mormon writings, is on an earthly organization and not on the person of Jesus Christ. It is all about man finding truth on his own. Consider carefully these words of Kimball….
“Again, I offer the assistance of the Church, but I will not push this matter upon you nor force it. You are mature, you have a good mind, you have a strong background, and the seeds of truth were sown in your life in your youth. All the powers of earth and heaven cannot bring this knowledge to you. It cannot be hoped for nor purchased. It must come by a careful, honest, and sincere investigation. The Church stands ready to furnish such assistance as you may require.”
All the powers of earth and heaven cannot bring this knowledge to you? Only you can investigate the truth for yourself, with the assistance of course of the mormon church? Compare that to Paul, who was not seeking knowledge of Christ, not praying hoping for the burning in the bosom. Christ revealed Himself to Paul, and Paul immediately knew who it was. Even that event, one of the clearest examples of the sovereignty of God in salvation, is misrepresented by Kimball…
“Paul, on his way to Damascus, saw a glorious personage and heard his voice; and yet, after even these unusual manifestations, Paul prayed so that he could know beyond the shadow of doubt of the divinity of Jesus Christ, and of his Father, and of his eternal program, the gospel.”

Read the accounts of Paul’s conversion in Acts and compare what the Word of God says to what Kimball says. Paul says he was blinded and spoke to Christ, calling Him “Lord”. Kimball says it was an “unusual manifestation” (talk about an understatement!) and Paul prayed about it. There is NO indication in the text that Paul prayed about whether Jesus was Lord or not. To make the leap from Paul, struck blind and having had the Lord Jesus Christ revealed to him to saying that Paul was praying about whether these things were true is a gross misrepresentation. Yet how many mormons read words like this and just accept them as true, without referring back to the Scripture to see what it says?


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