Thursday, July 20, 2006
Big Announcement from Way of the Master Radio
Yesterday, in the first hour of Way of the Master Radio, Todd Friel made a big announcement:

Here's the big announcement:

For six, seven months, for however long Way of the Master Radio has been on the air, you have been hearing us use a principle that we like to call "Law to the Proud, Grace to the Humble," helping somebody understand their need for a Savior by using the law of God, the Ten Commandments, to hold it up as a mirror, to help them go "I'm not a good person, I'm a bad person, and I need forgiveness" and therefore they appreciate what happened on the cross. It's law to the proud, grace to the humble. And with that, you've been hearing me and Ray and Kirk and, well, practically everybody else who goes out onto the streets and does some witnessing, say very familiar things like "Have you ever told a lie?" "Have you ever stolen something?" "Have you ever looked at a women with lust?" And we've used that terminology almost verbatim.

Now, here's the big announcement:

You must always, always, always, always, what I'm trying to say is, Ray, always. Not never, sometimes, [but] always use the law to bring about the knowledge of sin. But you don't have to say, "Have you ever told a lie?" "Have you ever stolen anything?" "Have you ever looked . . . ?" It's not a script. It's the principle of law to the proud, grace to the humble. And so what we would like to do now that we've been doing this for six or seven months is start to try to demonstrate how you can still use the law to bring about the knowledge of sin without saying—this isn't a script. This is a principle, a biblical principle: law to the proud, grace to the humble. It's not saying it the exact same way every time.

I welcome this change and appreciate this ministry's desire to move away from using a formulaic approach to evangelism. It reminds me of a previous post I wrote: "Witnessing to Mormons." I said:

I just don't believe that a canned, one-size-fits-all approach to witnessing is the right way to witness, even if it is rooted in the biblical law/gospel contrast. We need to understand what the one we are witnessing to believes and then relay the gospel message to them in an understandable and relevant way.

I look forward to listening to this radio show as they continue proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ with a world that needs to hear it!
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At 5:09 AM, Blogger Jeff Downs said...

I wish I would have caught this post earlier. But, for some odd reason, maybe, I don't have a probably with the way Todd, et. al. did their thing. I don't believe they were doing it in a formulaic way, there is certainly not where their heart was/is.

But, I look forward to what will happen on the show.


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