Monday, February 27, 2006
Is Evangelicalism Maturing?
Is evangelicalism maturing in the public sphere? According to Michael Medved, it is. In "Power, maturity steer Christian movement," he says:

The muted reaction to the film [Brokeback Mountain] from religious communities strongly disapproving of its themes gives the lie to the common characterization of cultural conservatives as intolerant, incurably homophobic and implacably determined to impose their values on society. It's actually the film's adoring advocates who push for universal acceptance for their point of view regarding homosexuality, with newspaper ad layouts featuring the tag lines "Love is a Force of Nature" and "One Movie Has Connected with the Heart of America."

Though most conservatives continue to resist the radical redefinition of traditional male female marriage, that doesn't mean they seek to punish every sort of same-sex relationship. The marriage debate centers on questions of public policy and governmental endorsement; Brokeback depicts a private, even secret, connection between two ranch hands. Conservatives might not offer Jack and Ennis (the two thwarted lovers in the movie) a Main Street parade and a legally sanctioned wedding ceremony in front of City Hall. Even so, that hardly means they'd send a posse up the slopes of Brokeback Mountain to arrest the two guys in the privacy of their pup tent.

This live-and-let-live attitude, plus an uncompromising commitment to personal principle, reflects an increasing sense of power and maturity on the part of religious conservative activists.

I think Medved gets it, and I commend his article.
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At 11:47 PM, Anonymous Dave said...

Is it a mark of maturity to keep silent? Is it not a mark of maturity to protest what you know God does not like? I suppose there are people who speak out against it in their own quiet way.


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