Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Intelligent Design and CSI
I must admit, the more I come to know Mark Coppenger, the more I like him. Actually, he is the instructor of a class I begin today ("Faith, Reason, and Authority," essentially an introduction to epistemology). Why do I bring all of this up? Because Baptist Press released an editorial by Coppenger yesterday, "An Awesome Cover-Up". His writing always winds up as entertaining reading. Here is an excerpt where Coppenger compares Intelligent Design with CSI:

I’m reminded of the popular TV show, "CSI" (Crime Scene Investigation), where forensic scientists track down criminals who do their best to cover their tracks. Try as these felons might to swab up the blood, burn the documents, or bury the weapons, the sleuths (I’ve always wanted to use that word since reading the "Hardy Boys" mysteries in my childhood) track them down, whether with black light, DNA analysis of a single hair, carpet-fiber provenance or microscopic scrutiny of scratches on a thigh bone.

Imagine a CSI cop announcing, without so much as a glance, that the corpse in the park “just died” and then shushing anyone who suggested it wasn’t simply from natural causes. When a rookie suggests that someone else might have been involved, he’s quickly told that good CSI men don’t talk that way, that the only proper explanation involves something like a blood clot in the brain, a falling branch, or potassium imbalance. To suggest otherwise is simply unscientific. Of course, that would be ridiculous, yet biologists get away with this sort of imperious behavior all the time.
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