Monday, January 23, 2006
Evolution Sunday
Yesterday's Courier-Journal (Louisville's local paper) published an editorial by David Hawpe titled, "It's possible for Christians to render unto God and unto Darwin." In it, he says the following:

What bothers me most is that the national conversation about intelligent design gets twisted into a conflict between Christians and non-believers -- between "people of faith" (the formulation with which George Bush strokes followers, while neatly slandering opponents) and those who have no faith.

It's nothing of the sort.

Plenty of Christians embrace evolution as a way that God might have created the heavens and the earth. Others just don't know. Most people figure only He knows. You can't tease out a mathematical proof. We're talking about faith, here, not multiple regression analysis.

The good news (allusion intended) is that those who concede no conflict between evolution and their religious faith are speaking up. On Feb. 12, hundreds of congregations around the country -- representing many faith traditions, from Roman Catholic to all manner of Protestant churches -- will celebrate "Evolution Sunday."

If Christian conservatives can wade into the judicial nomination process on their "Justice Sunday," there's no reason others, from elsewhere on the Christian spectrum, shouldn't rally for the compatibility of religion and science.

So, now we have a bunch of moderate and liberal Christians having Evolution Sunday? I fear that we have become far too politicized. I prefer to call Sunday what the Bible refers to this day as: "the Lord's day" (Revelation 1:10).

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At 12:18 PM, Blogger james said...

I have to agree with your point that today's church is far to politicized. It seems like we've become less interested in proclaiming the gospel and seeking the change that God can bring in lives and instead have become more interested in making the world around us into the church. To a certain degree many modern protestants are resembling the Catholic Church and the old idea of a universal Christendom.

At 10:00 AM, Blogger CuriousSaint said...

I would like to make a small (but huge) point. After sin came death...right? Death is the penalty for sin. So, logically, and biblically speaking, how were there millions of years of "death" before Adam and Eve came around (with whom sin and death came)? Or, maybe Adam and Eve were single cell amoebas that sinned? I think not. It's simple, there could be no evolution for this simple (biblical) fact. I hope that didn't sound like a bunch of rubbish...I was just dumping my thoughts as they came to me. :D

At 11:11 AM, Blogger james said...

curioussaint: Biblical reasoning is rarely sufficient for liberal "Christians" and it certainly has no bearing for many evolutionists. Also there are some who would say Adam and Eve would have died naturally even without the introduction of sin. I find that a little hard to swallow biblically but it is an argument that is made by some. Also, the invocation of the Bible as an explanation for what is widely, yet I believe incorrectly, described as science is not going to meet much acceptance.

In my mind we are ID proponents are attacking evolution from the wrong angle. Both ID and evolution require certain presuppositions and those presuppositions rest firmly in the areas of philosophy and theology. For that reason neither belongs in the science classroom. They should both be relegated to the realm of philosophy and theology because they are part of distinct philosophical systems.

Evolution, specifically Macro, isn't real science because it is unobservable and untestable in a controlled environment. But ID suffers the same weakness. But honestly I think we have bigger problems as Christians than the evolution v. ID nonsense.


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